Christmas cooking tips

Cooking for Christmas tips

Cooking with Christmas. Even though we can’t be together with the whole family, we still have to eat. And then of course a tasty Christmas recipe is nice. But what do we eat for Christmas?

Get inspired by these books and tips.

Cooking for Christmas

Christmas is the time to dress up and set the table nicely. Good food is also really Christmas! By this I don’t mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen. Making your own is fun, but you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.

Start with a nice appetizer or appetizer, make a dinner and of course make sure you have a dessert.

Cooking from cookbooks

If you are going to cook for Christmas, start looking for recipes in time. These do not have to be very complicated recipes. After all, Christmas is all about conviviality and good food with that is nice.

Vegetarian recipes

Cooking for Christmas means taking everyone into account, and if you have someone at home who prefers vegetarian food, here are the festive vegetarian recipes


And if you are tired of the standard Christmas crisps, how about apple macaroons?? You make them yourself with only a few ingredients. A little more chocolate?

Make Chocolate Apple Tarts! Here too you need very few ingredients.

Cooking with children

Cooking with children, fun and ideal to do during the Christmas holidays. Joyce from has created an ebook. It’s a free kids’ cookbook packed with recipes for Christmas that can be made by kids and for kids.

You can download the cookbook via this link.

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Cookbooks for Christmas

Of course there are many cookbooks. These are great for a Christmas recipe, but if you really want to impress, there are also special recipe books for Christmas.

Heel Holland bakt Christmas: Do you always watch Heel Holland bakt?? In Heel Holland Bakt Kerst you will find the most delicious baking – sweet and savory – for the holidays. From homemade Christmas cookies for in the tree to true spectacle pieces for Christmas dinner.

Heel Holland Bakt guarantees the best baking in the Netherlands.

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook: Jamie should not really be missing from your bookshelf either. Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook is full of all the classics you need for special days. Not only great recipes but also what you can make with leftovers.

Yvette van Boven’s Christmas cookbooks: Of which the Home Sweet Home Xmas book stands out. Of a romantic first Christmas for two? Or a nice winter dinner?

With Home Sweet Home Xmas by Yvette van Boven you will always have something tasty on the table.

Enough inspiration

Enough inspiration for Christmas cooking you would think. And if you really don’t know, get inspired in the stores. These days you often find recipe booklets or magazines here as well.