Rain in the holidays- Tips to still have fun

Rain in the holidays- Tips to still have fun

What when you rain in the vacations? What can you do, when you’re at home and can’t leave because it’s too cold and wet? Today we list some tips to do during a rainy day.

Watching movies

During the vacations, you can go to the library to borrow movies in addition to books, because watching a movie dar naturally l always find kids fun. Popcorn, a soda and you won’t even notice it’s bad weather outside.

Handbook for Boys

But doing something different when it rains during the vacations (or weekends) is also great fun. While cleaning up, we found an old book from 1970 that belonged to my husband. The ‘Walt Disney’s Handbook for Boys’. This book is a grab bag full of tips, riddles, games, crafts and trivia.

In short, everything boys aged 8-14 like. The book may be old, but the ideas, crafts and jokes are still fun and current and super fun to do when there is some rain in the vacations

Homemade kites

Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting for days (not just when it’s a rainy day, by the way) among the boys’ homemade kites, bows and arrows, apartment buildings, hoists and many more discoveries and crafts. I let them go nicely, hand them the atributes and at the end of the day we clean everything up again for a while.

What else do we do during the rainy days?

Besides the handbook, we are even more active these rainy days. Here maybe some tips for others.