Relaxing on the road with two small children

Relaxed on the road with two small children

As you may have read many times, we always have to drive quite a distance when we go to visit my family. As the only stowaway I went to live on the coast while my whole family stayed in the, always pleasant, province of Brabant. Visiting grandparents means an hour-long car ride first.

Fine, of course, but it's nice if we can be relaxed on the road.

Relaxing on the road with two small children

Of course, relaxing on the road always depends on several factors but it helps enormously if the children are having fun. Having fun during a long car ride generally goes pretty well with my kids. The youngest is only nine months so she soon finds it fun when we are all together and the car radio is on. The little man on the other hand gets a bit fed up with the car ride sometimes. There is so much energy in a toddler, try to make them sit quietly and relaxed in their chair for an hour.

Without him teasing his sister, whining for something sweet or just haunting the backseat.

Backseat entertainment

Of course, there are different solutions to that; we all know the famous and also infamous tablets. Great entertainment in the backseat. Give the kids a tablet and you won't hear them anymore.

Of course you will have wasted another hour (or two if you count the way back) of screen time with your children.

You can also let your older children play car bingo. What you blog about.en find a great printable for it. Or you get tempted into a game of ‘I see, I see what you don’.

Aqua Doodle Travel

Relaxing on the road with two small children

Another solution to achieve relaxing on the road with small children is the Aqua Doodle Travel. From Ravensburger we received this ideal backseat entertainment. A small suitcase that fits nicely on your child's lap. When you fill the included marker with water, your child can draw, scratch, color and mess around to his or her heart's content without the entire child or backseat getting covered in the marker. The Aqua Doodle Travel is a yellow soft case with two white surfaces.

When you draw on the surfaces with the water pen, blue lines appear. After four minutes, the drawn lines disappear again. That means that on a one hour drive you can make up to 15 different drawings. I think it's a top invention.

The little man has a great time drawing, m’s backseat stays clean, (provided he doesn’t figure out how to get the pen open of course), and mommy can drive along the A15 without a whining toddler in the back.

relaxing on the road with two small children 2

Where to find this brilliant backseat entertainment?

You can find the Ravensburger Aqua Doodle Travel for €19.95 at the toy store or at This fun product is also available in a standard version or even an XXL version with color.

How to keep your child(ren) occupied during a long car ride?

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