Right to compensation in the event of a plane delay

Right to compensation in the event of a flight delay

So frustrating, having a delay when you travel. When the flight is canceled or there is an overbooking. It will cost you extra time and extra money. How about one compensation?

Who will help you get your money back for all the misery and frustration?


It has probably happened to you: flight delayed or cancelled. It’s no fun hanging around an airport until you’re finally allowed to leave. But there is one consolation: you may be eligible for compensation. So hard cash.

Do you actually know when exactly you are entitled to compensation from the airline and how to get it?


Newcomer Claimingo knows this very well and can help you! On their site you can find out with a few mouse clicks whether you are eligible for compensation. You just enter your flight number.

The general rules are that you are entitled to compensation if:

  • Your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours.
  • Your flight was cancelled.
  • The flight was overbooked.
  • You have been denied boarding.
  • You have missed your connecting flight due to a delay.

Up to a flight distance of 1500 km, this quickly results in a claim of 250 euros in compensation. With long-distance flights, this quickly becomes more.

claim & GO

Claimingo works on a no cure no pay basis. But if you don’t feel like waiting months for the outcome of the claim, then choose Claim & GO. You then pay a higher percentage to Claimingo, but you will receive a nice amount in your account within a week if you receive compensation.

About Claimingo

Claimingo is new but already super hot: their case against Schiphol is now in the news. Claimingo thinks it’s crazy that travelers are left out in the cold if they have missed their flight due to the chaos at Schiphol. Claimingo’s lawyers are also getting their teeth into this case!

How Claimingo works exactly, what you pay for their services and how you can get your money back. You can read all about it on their site.