Compare pet insurance costs

Compare pet insurance costs

Very nice to have a pet, but what if it gets sick?? Do you have pet insurance for your pet and how do you choose a good one? Because that the costs can be quite high that is for sure!

The costs for a pet

When you buy a pet from the shelter or a private individual, you have already incurred quite a few costs. Think of food, a crate for the dog, leash or cat carrier and litter box. And then he or she is there and the enjoyment and parenting begins. But do you also think about pet insurance?

Because what if your pet gets sick unexpectedly or the what about the cost of annual checkups and vaccinations?

Of course your animal is healthy

You assume that your pet is healthy and stays healthy, let’s put that first. But what if he or she does get sick, gets hit by a car or has an accident?? What are the costs then? But also the annual vaccinations?

What do they cost and is it perhaps wise to take out dog insurance or cat insurance for your four-legged friend??

Look and compare

It’s good to compare prices with pet insurance just as we do with insurance for ourselves. What do the insurances cost and what do you need for your pet?

What costs are covered, for example, with dog insurance:

Insurance for your dog largely covers necessary medical expenses. These costs include, for example, a vet consultation, operations, medication but also often an admission to a clinic. Besides this basic coverage, you can look at what you would like to insure extra.

For example coverage abroad, spaying/neutering, dentistry and hip/elbow diseases.

With cats, insurance looks like this:

Insurance for cats can cover expenses incurred at the veterinarian’s office. The basic insurance covers at least consultations with the veterinarian, annual check-ups, necessary operations and an admission or stay in a clinic. If you want more you can get additional insurance.

Here you are talking about hip or shoulder conditions, dental care and vaccinations.

An Animal Insurance

An animal insurance policy for your pet, this is probably not the first thing you think of when picking up an animal from the shelter or from a private individual. Still, it is good to look at and compare these insurance policies to see if it is wise to take out one.