Low-carb eating healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle

Low-carb eating: healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle

Would you Low-carb eat, but don’t really know how to start, because what can and can’t you eat and isn’t it super hard to stick to?? This article covers all the facts about the low-carb diet and all the information about carbohydrate eating. You can read why it is so easy to keep up, but I also share healthy recipes with you.

Your body changes as you get older

Your body changes as you get older. You may be experiencing this yourself. Often women find that their pear figure, read a slim waist and wide hips, takes more the form of an apple figure. With an apple figure you often get more fat around the abdomen and waist.

You don’t want this, as the most important organs are located around the abdominal area. You may also notice that your clothes fit differently, tighter, but also less flattering, because you had to give up your slim waistline. Healthy eating and more exercise are the solution.

Not that you will immediately have your slim waist back, after all, there is little you can do about changing your body, but it can certainly improve fat distribution.

Should I then nibble on a leaf of lettuce

Now many are already starting to think when it comes to eating healthy, never mind. I’m not a bunny and won’t just eat raw food, or diets I really don’t do that. Yet that’s not the healthy eating I’m talking about. Of course I also have salads at home sometimes, but they are quite different from a plate of lettuce.

Eating healthy is not only healthy, but also delicious and believe me, you do not have to give up everything. Consider low-carb or carbohydrate restricted eating! Because low-carb eating can help you stay in shape I will go into more detail in this article.

What is low-carb eating

Low-carb eating, a low-carb diet or carbohydrate restricted eating is an eating pattern that limits the consumption of carbohydrates. Foods containing a large amount of digestible carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice) will be limited or replaced with foods containing a higher percentage of protein and fat (such as meat, fish, and soy products) and often other foods containing a relatively low amount of carbohydrates (such as green leafy vegetables). Also, just like in any other healthy lifestyle, you have to watch out for cookies and sweets, of course they contain so much sugar, but that’s not saying anything new.

Low-carb eating is a lifestyle

When you want to eat healthier, you are often afraid that you can’t eat anything anymore. But that’s not true. Low-carb eating is also called a low-carb diet, but this is not a diet where you cannot eat anything, it is in fact a lifestyle. It is something you – ll have to keep up if you want to have energy and stay fit – and that is only possible when you do something that feels good. You can only persevere if you do something that does not require you to follow a strict diet and if you can find healthy recipes in books and on the Internet.

And so no crash diet, no having to leave things out, no restriction, but thinking about what you eat. And – maybe this is the most important thing- making healthy choices.

Less bread and eat lunch differently

‘What no more bread at lunch?’ Is often the first reaction I get, when I tell that I eat low carb. No bread means coming up with other lunches. Lunch with lots of vegetables, egg, goat cheese or feta cheese. Low-carb lunches often mean different preparations, maybe even more than you’re used to.

The advantage of eating low carb is that after lunch you feel much fitter, because you have eaten less carbohydrates, the sugars. You have more energy and are ready to go again.

More eggs and vegetables at dinner

Potatoes, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice normally take up a large portion of dinner. This is mostly filling. If you don’t eat this, you will be hungry again very quickly. If you look for low-carb recipes, you will see that they contain a lot of vegetables.

Logical because you also have to take care of the filling. Often a variety of vegetables are chosen. Because of this, preparing a low-carb menu is often more laborious than with carbs. On the other hand, a salad is easy to prepare.

And potatoes once, is certainly not a problem. It is just right to get these nutritional values in as well. When we eat mashed potatoes at home, I eat them too, but when we eat potatoes, vegetables and meat, I replace the potatoes for an extra portion of vegetables.

Where to find low carb recipes

How to start low-carb eating and where to find all the information and healthy recipes? I myself cook a lot of dishes from Pascale Naessens cookbooks, but I also find my low-carb healthy recipes on websites like LowCarbchef and on Pinterest.

Curious about the books by Pascale Naessens. Have a look here.

3 low-carb recipes

Low-carb healthy recipes can be found both online and in carb books. It is often a bit of a search, for the time, but also the ingredients. Often dishes are long in the oven or very laborious.

Think of eggplant or zucchini that you have to grill before you put them in the oven. But you also have very easy and fast recipes. This is more often my preference because I like to eat healthy but don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen.

Three of these easy recipes I post below. For the full recipe I would like to refer you to the corresponding article, where I describe in detail what you need for this dish.

Zucchini with egg and Emmental

A delicious combination of zucchini with egg and emmentaler. Low carb and suitable for 2 persons. Great for lunch but also as dinner, you can add a green salad with it.

Easy to prepare and packed with vegetables as no less than two zucchini go into it.

Earlier I posted this low-carb recipe for zucchini with egg.

Easy and fast low carb healthy recipes

Surprising recipes with apple

Do you ever cook with apple? Often you only think of vegetables, but also with fruit like an apple, you can make delicious low-carb dishes. Why not make a soup with apple, beet and yogurt?.

Broccioli rice with salmon

When eating low-carb, it is also searching for what to replace it with? So opt for a healthy bowl of Broccoli rice with salmon. A quick and easy recipe with: broccoli, spring onions, eggs, avocados, salmon and peas.

How to make this easy recipe can be read on Bowl recipes: Broccoli rice with salmon

If you want to read more now read my other articles on recipes

Choose variety

As in any healthy diet, low-carb eating also involves choosing variety. You need all the nutrients you can get to stay healthy. Eating healthy is to find variety in meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables, beans, legumes and grains. Even if you eat low-carb, it is wise to eat a sandwich now and then.

And if you want to enjoy a nice stew, you should choose sweet potatoes. Variety and variety in your diet keeps you healthy!

Healthy eating is healthy cooking

When you want to eat healthy, it is also important to look at the way the food is prepared. Cooking and baking with an airfryer can be a big advantage. An airfryer is a fryer that runs on hot air. You do not need frying oil or deep-frying fat to prepare snacks. In addition to French fries and snacks, bake vegetables, meat and pies in the airfryer.

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Healthy and low-carb eating

Do you see your body changing as you get older, would you like to eat healthier without starting a diet, would you like more energy or just feel fitter. Low-carb eating can definitely be for you. Because you eat so much variety, it is easy to keep it up.

You will also soon feel fitter, because you take in less sugar. But as with any lifestyle, it is important not to be too hard on yourself. Make healthy choices, enjoy the good food and also just drink your wine in the weekend.

After all, healthy eating is not a must but a do.