What if you acted like a toddler

What if you acted like a toddler?

Sometimes it seems wonderful to behave like a toddler. So’s a three-year-old slowly breaking free from mom and dad and pushing his limits. Does not care about socially desirable behavior and is mostly nicely self-centered. That is great?!

Too bad it’s probably not really appreciated by those around you, but oh well.. Just for once?

“I get out of bed and am immediately active. Busy talking and bouncing on the bed. The husband still tries to sleep through the night but gets my feet in his face. Quickly he turns on the TV for me, hoping I will stay quiet. I chat his ear off and actually want to go downstairs.

This I decide to do, because hey who’s stopping me?? I run downstairs and don’t think about the alarm. So that starts mooing like wildfire.

But who cares, the husband takes care of that.

I sit on the couch with a cup of tea and demand a sandwich from the husband. The scabs need to come off and I want paste on them. Of course the husband arranges this for me directly. As soon as I get the sandwich, I scream that I do not want pasta at all. I want cheese spread and bread without seeds.

I make a whole drama out of this because that’s what toddlers do. I see the husband rolling his eyes and with a sigh he walks to the kitchen. Then he comes back with a sandwich that meets all my impossible requirements.

It’s time to do some shopping. In the supermarket I want a big cart with a car in front of it. Mega awkward because pretty little fits in this cart, but I really want it anyway because it has such’a cute horn in it.
In the vegetable department I look for watermelon. All I see are Galia melons. Unfortunately I don’t find those tasty enough so I ask a clerk where I can find the watermelons. The clerk tells me they don’t currently have watermelon in the selection. I look at him in surprise.

He apologizes. I don’t think twice and crash on the floor. In the middle of the supermarket aisle I scream: ‘But I want watermelons. ’ With a red-faced head I trample wildly on the floor.

I scream and tears run down my cheeks. How terribly unfair the world is! The employee does not know what to look for and walks away. Well…”

Come to think of it, being a toddler actually seems particularly exhausting to me. You want so much but cannot do everything. For many things you have to be taller or older. Mom and dad want to decide everything for you, while you already have a pretty good opinion yourself.

You want to discover the world but are limited by your age. Sometimes you have to act like a big boy/girl, other times you are labeled as a little boy/girl. Nice and clear too.

I think I’ll just keep acting like an adult anyway, with the occasional goofy mood or kid moment. It has to be possible? It has to be fun.

Then when my little man has another impossibly dramatic moment I’ll just think back to my own blog post. After all, being a tough growing up toddler is not that easy.

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