Exploded hedgehogs and lions unusual search terms

Exploded hedgehogs and lions unusual search terms

Every now and then I do a quick round of Google Analytics and Search Console. Both are programs’s that track traffic on my blog and also check for any errors. It is wise to keep an eye on that to keep my blog working optimally for you, my readers.

I am then always curious what are the most common search terms that people, via search engines, come up with on my blog. I was digging through this list and came across some unusual search terms.

Special search terms

On Wednesday I read on twitter that Kelly had discovered a very special search term, which brought a reader to her site. This made me laugh so much that I started looking through Bblogt's statistics as well.

Search Console from Google shows me, among other search terms. Search terms that people have used on Google and then used to get to Bblogt. This can be relevant information because of course I want as many people as possible to know about my blog. It is nice to see that the creative DIY’s on my blog are often visited by a search term on google.

For example, my DIY Text on wood is a frequently searched, and found, article. I can find all this in the statistics. Very nice to see.

I did a round of statistics and found some unusual search terms. Maybe not even very crazy but why these search terms led to my blog? And above all, did they actually find the answer to their question?

Exploded hedgehog

Yes, really. So someone somewhere thought: ‘Gee, I found an exploded hedgehog, what shall I do with it??’ Then entered that search term on google and referred to my blog about making hedgehogs out of clay. The only connection I see here is the hedgehog itself.

I hope the poor animal didn't really explode.

There is a lion in me

Uh.. so do you have it going on or not? Did you then accidentally walk into a lion enclosure? Or do you feel some kind of primal force that makes you think there is a lion inside you?

Or would it be like my little man currently having a dinosaur phase? Maybe a person who can roar as well? We'll never know.

I hope for that person's sake that it's all okay and he (or she, sorry I think it's a man right away) is happy with the lion.

Crazy games for adults

Makes me wonder, what are you hoping to find?? Games as in, I'm-fan-of-fifty-shades-of-grey or party games? Hmmm.. let me google it too! *Is busy googling* Aha, this is actually a very innocent search term.

Just searched for fun activities for bachelor parties or birthdays. Well that's a bonus. On my blog then, they only got as far as fun game tips for the kids when the weather is bad.

But maybe they got something out of it.

The first time energy was used

This search term immediately got me thinking. I would like to know that too. That is really’s a fact that I remember, not worth a damn but know anyway. Just in case.

By the way, I do think it's a broad term, energy. Perhaps electricity was meant? But anyway, I digress.

It was a mystery to me what the link to my blog would be but then it occurred to me that my little man has a fascination with electricity. So the search term led to an article in which I talk about some difficult questions from the toddler.


Such a pity we will never know who used these particular search terms. But most of all, I'm curious to know if they got an answer to their pressing questions. We'll never know..

Do you ever enter any unusual search terms? What are the most unusual search terms you found on your website?

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