Ipanema flip flops and sandals for kids

Ipanema: flip flops and sandals for kids

With a flip flop or sandal on your feet, you’ll feel freedom from your toes to your crown. Slippers come in all sizes and colors. At Ipanema, the flip-flops and sandals are responsible and vegan.

And what fun they are! Also fond of slippers, be sure to read on.

Irresistible and comfortable

Kids can run through the playground or get ice cream in town on a hot summer day. For every moment and style, Ipanema offers flip flops and sandals that reflect the latest trends for kids. And it’s great fun to wear sandals with glittery straps, just like mom. Or mix and match with the bright colors of the Ipanema Tan Colors collection. The popular My First Ipanema is an irresistible and comfortable first sandal.

Totally chic for the fashionistas of the future.

Slippers for boys and girls

For boys there are sporty slippers and camouflage prints. And for girls you will find lovely flowers and popular panther print. Or maybe go for Ipanema basics with the Brazilian flag on the strap in a wide range of colors? New in the 2020 collection is the Tan Colors for kids. From summer yellow to sea blue and neon pink.

A truly classic flip flop with smooth cushioning and a contoured anatomical footbed for support and perfect comfort.

Responsible and vegan

Ipanema’s flip flops and sandals are made of 100% recyclable Flexpand, a super flexible and soft material that is recycled over and over again in the production process. All of Ipanema’s products are Vegan, FSC labeled and Biobased certified by TUV Austria. This is how Ipanema reduces its impact on the environment and continuously develops new technologies and materials for the ethical production of flip flops and sandals. The brand also guarantees fair and good working conditions for more than 20 years.000 employees.

For more on Ipanema’s sustainable journey, check out this site.

Some ideas of flip-flops and sandals for the littlest fashionistas:

And slippers for kids, this is a small sample of Ipanema’s large collection, by the way:

There are many reasons to buy responsible, sustainable and vegan clothing. It’s important to me as well, which is why I’m happy to read that more and more brands are paying attention to it. I saw these flip flops and sandals from Ipanema at a press event. They are good quality and have bright colors.

All information and prices can be found on Ipanema’s site.

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