Also come to the Jul Julia summer weeks in Children’s amusement park Julianatoren

Also come to the Jul & Julia summer weeks at Children’s Amusement Park Julianatoren

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren. Most recently, we were here at the opening of a new attraction. And now we went especially for the Jul & Julia summer weeks.

You can also still go here because the summer weeks are still a few weeks in the park.

Amusement park Julianatoren

So you’ve never been there and so you get there twice in a row. In April on a warm Saturday we were at children’s amusement park Julianatoren for the very first time. To be honest, I thought the boys might be a little too old for this park, but they certainly weren’t.

They enjoyed the park and when I got the invitation to come again, the boys were excited.

Enjoyed the amusement park again

Once again we enjoyed children’s amusement park Julianatoren. Because there are so many different attractions for younger children and older children, there was again very little queueing and the boys were often able to enter an attraction several times in a row. Favorite was again the jumping pirate and the bumper cars.

We also went to the Jul & Julia summer weeks show has been. They took us, together with mister cheese slicer, on a trip around the world. My boys may be a bit too old for this, but they both said they really liked it.

This park is really great fun for children.

summer weeks

Jut & Julia Summer Weeks

The reason we went to Julianatoren were the Jut & Julia Summer Weeks. From Monday, July 8 to September 1, the Jul & Julia Summer Weeks place. During the Jul & Julia Summer Weeks the pair of mice take visitors on a trip around the world in the big park show ‘Jul & Julia and the trip around the world’. Visitors to the Apeldoorn amusement park will also enjoy Jul’s Wild West Show, Mr. Cheese Gaff’s Limburg Dance Show and Mrs. Sugarpins Mexican Dance Show.

Of course you can also enjoy the many attractions for children up to 10 years, including the High Hat; the new free fall tower of amusement park director Mister Cheese Gaff which opened earlier this season.

summer weeks

More extra’s these summer weeks

In addition to the specials summer weeks, there are also extra opening hours during the Summer Nights. the park is then open until 20:00 hours. This will be during the Summer Nights on Saturday, July 27, 3, 10, 17 and 24 August it is extra long to enjoy the summer atmospheres in the amusement park. Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is then open until as late as 8 p.m. With a different theme every night.

There are the themes: pirates, fairy tales, wild west, safari and on the last night Woezel comes along & Pip visiting.

Practical information

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is open the entire summer vacation from 10:00 to 17:00 hours. From August 5 to 23, the amusement park is open from 9:30 am. All shows are included in the amusement park entrance fee. Look here for all information

summer weeks

Julianatoren organizes more special days by the way, think Halloween for example.