On vacation with the caravan- Arrange caravan insurance first

On vacation with the caravan- Arrange caravan insurance first

Now that the camping season is upon us again, the caravan is taken out of storage again and motorhomes fill the streets again. Is it time for the caravan insurance again. Because we all know that it is important to be properly insured on vacation, but do you do it too?

Read here how to easily compare caravan insurance.

The vacations are just around the corner

The vacations are upon us, the winter sports have been for many and now we can get ready for the May vacations and the summer. Although it might still be too cold for camping, in a few weeks you will be able to take your caravan or campervan with you. And even the die-hard campers will certainly dare to go camping with the tent in a month or so.

Camping in a caravan or tent

But whether you go camping in a caravan, a tent or a camper van, your belongings need to be properly insured. And maybe you have caravan insurance, have been paying your premium for years but want to check if it can be cheaper. Or are you looking for new insurance, then it is wise to check it first on Compare caravan insurance.

Why you should insure your caravan

But if your car is insured, should you also insure your caravan?? It is not necessary, but it is certainly wise. As long as the caravan is behind the car, it is co-insured with your car.

But once the caravan is unhitched, it is no longer insured. A caravan insurance ensures that you are insured against damage to or theft of your caravan. Especially the damage during a storm, think of a big hailstorm that leaves dents in your roof or a branch on the caravan, but also the chance that you hit a pole, while moving your caravan, can cause damage.

It’s good to think about this.

How does a comparison site work

In three minutes on the site you can insure your caravan as you wish. And at the lowest premium! Using this comparison site is free and highly recommended before you decide where to insure your caravan. How it works now? You fill in whether you have a mobile home, touring caravan or trailer tent.

Next you fill in the length, the purchase value and the year of construction, then only the new value and the premium overview is shown.

After this you can very easily go online to the website of the particular insurer you like the most.

Go out well insured

So if you have plans to take your caravan on the road again this year, whether at home or abroad, check to see if you’re insured, or if you might need to adjust or change your insurance. Look and compare and within minutes you can get rid of the worries about insuring your caravan and start enjoying a wonderful vacation!