Replacing lamps choosing led lighting

Replacing lamps, opting for led lighting

Of course it is a matter of taste, what kind of lamps you have in your house. Choose pendant lights, spotlights, wall lights or an arc lamp. Whatever lamp you choose, when lamps have to be replaced you can switch to led lights, but why?

For each fixture there are LED bulbs

Lighting fixture comes in different types. Ceiling and wall lamps, pendant lamps and ceiling and floor spotlights. Don't forget the table lamp or floor lamp.

And the arc lamp, which is a real design classic, but the tripod lamp is also a favorite.

Which lamp do you choose?

It's a matter of taste to choose just right for that floor lamp or desk lamp. Finally, when choosing a lamp, you know that these lamps also provide the ambiance in the house when they are off. Design classics are favorites of many such as the Tizio by Artemide or the arc lamp by Flos. Lamps designed in the distant past but still up-to-date also in terms of energy efficiency.

And is LED lighting that fit perfectly in the design classics, should your lamp be broken.

Choosing LED lighting

This also applies to the spotlights which are still fitted with halogen bulbs. This lamp is basically an incandescent lamp fitted with gas which gives a higher light output. As a result, halogen lights not only work more efficiently, but also more economically than the incandescent bulb.

With LED lighting, the efficiency has increased even more. Halogen bulbs will no longer be sold as of September 1, 2018.

Also pay attention to the brightness

Therefore you might be adding led lights to the lamps in your house by now. Replacing halogen lighting to LED lighting is possible but buy the right LED lighting. Halogen comes in 12 volts and 230 volts. The brightness of LED lights is indicated in lumens and not in wattage.

Temperature is also important. The lower the Kelvin the softer the light. Halogen lamps are known to get extremely hot.

The bulb uses about 20 percent of the energy for light and the rest is heat, which can reach 250 degrees.

One on one bulb replacement

A 230 volt halogen spotlight has a GU-10 or GU-9 socket. These can be replaced one on one. The same applies to the R75 halogen bar lamp. With 12 volt bulbs that work with a transformer it makes sense to seek advice from the specialist. Changing to LED lights is possible but requires some expertise.

In addition to the lamp, the dimmer must be suitable for dimmable LED downlights. The right dimmer prevents glare.

What do you choose

LED lighting is available for almost all lamps nowadays and you hardly see anything else. My experience is that they last longer and are therefore more economical.