Buy clothes online – Measure your measurements

Buy clothes online – Measure your measurements

Of course it is for men just like for women, if you buy clothes online there is a (small) chance that this will end in a big disappointment. You just can't fit in places. That's why today an article full of tips for men (which also help women) to buy clothes online.

Buy clothes online

Buying men's clothing online is all the rage these days. We can go to the stone shops less and then buying online is easier. And fair is fair, convenience serves people.

It's also just nice to be able to place your orders from your lazy chair. We simply buy a nice sweater, a stylish polo shirt, trousers and also shoes online.

A permanent store

It's easy for me, I have a store where I buy all my bohemian dresses, I know my size, often buy the same brand and they always fit fine. I find this more difficult for my husband. He does not have a fixed store or brand and then the chance of a bad purchase is greater.

Tips for buying clothes online for men

There are so many online stores where men can buy their clothes that it is sometimes so overwhelming that you can no longer see the wood for the trees. Maybe these tips can help (these tips can of course also help women when looking for clothes online):

Know what you're looking for

If you are looking for a new sweater, then look specifically for that item. You can filter so much on most websites, such as brand, size, color and price, which makes the search a lot smaller.

Know your size

It's so frustrating when you receive your ordered clothing, it turns out that it doesn't fit. That is why it is wise to measure your measurements at home first. But what exactly do you measure:

How to measure for sweaters and shirts

Measure the chest, waist and back length. Check the site of the webshop where you want to buy your sweater or shirt and find out where your sizes are. You can often tell from this which size you should have.

Pay close attention, because the sizes can differ per sweater or shirt depending on the website or brand. So write down the measured numbers, so you can easily buy the right size clothing from now on.

How to measure the size for pants

Buying pants online certainly does not have to be a problem to deliver. It is important to measure the size of the waist, hip and inner leg beforehand. . Also keep this information well. Because once measured properly, you will be good in terms of purchases from now on.

Pay close attention to the material of the clothing

Besides the fact that it is wise to measure and know your measurements, it is also important to look (and read) carefully from which fabric the garment is made. Fabrics can be so different, what you might like to wear, but also looking at: how much do you sweat in this fabric, does it wrinkle a lot, is it very warm? Also pay attention to this when you buy clothes online.

A piece of clothing can look so beautiful in the photo, the fabric can not fit you at all.

Never a bad purchase again

It will probably be the future, more and more online purchases. Hopefully these tips will help you and you will not buy any more bad purchases, because I don't know about you, but I always want to put on my newly bought clothes immediately and not have to make it difficult to send them back.