Clothing money- when do you start this and how much do you give

Clothing money – when do you start this and how much do you give?

With teenagers in the house, the discussions about clothing can also start. If one teenager doesn’t care what he or she wears, the other will only want to wear designer clothes. When are you going to give clothing allowance and how much?

Maybe you can benefit from these tips!

Discussion about clothes

How easy it is when children are young. They wear the clothes you put in front of them and completely agree with your taste. It can be that different during puberty. Although I also want to go back to the time before puberty. Even then, children can of course have their own opinion and taste about what they want to wear.

The discussion about clothing may have been had before in your home.

Brand clothing for teenagers

But today I’m really going to talk about puberty, that puberty period when the clothes or the brands you buy for your son or daughter may no longer be to your liking. They want underwear from Calvin Klein, jeans from a certain brand, and sweaters and shirts should definitely have a logo. And you don’t blame them either.

After all, you also remember what it was like to be an adolescent and to feel the need to belong somewhere. But what about paying? Do you buy these designer clothes for them?

When are you going to give children clothing allowance??

Pocket money turns into clothing money

I was fifteen myself when my parents gave me a clothing allowance, which was then (I am now talking about 1989) 50 guilders and that was something to me. I never spent this amount, I learned to save well and was never short of money. But how is that going during this time, what is normal, how much clothing money do you give and when do you start with this?

Guideline amount pocket money per week

If you look at the pocket money of 5 to 12 years old, Nibud will provide the following information:

5 years 0.50 euros
6 years 1.00 to 1.40 Euro
7 years 1.00 to 2.00 Euros
8 years 1.00 to 2.00 Euros
9 years 1.10 to 2.00 Euros
10 years 2.00 to 2.30 Euros
11 years 2.00 to 2.30 Euros
12 years 2.30 to 3.00 Euros

Source: Nibud Children’s Survey 2018

children learn how to deal with money at an early age. And that is good. By giving them pocket money. teach them how to handle money responsibly.

Clothing money can help you learn how to deal with money

Clothing money can help a child to learn how to budget, how to deal with money. When children go to secondary school you can start with a clothing allowance. This of course also depends on the child itself. For example, I don’t have the idea of our children that they want to arrange their own clothes.

They are still fine with what I bring and when they go shopping we don’t have discussions about which store to go into. Still, high school may be the time to start donating clothing.

How much clothing allowance do you give

It is very difficult to indicate what you, as a parent, should spend on clothing allowance. On average, high school students receive € 50.00 clothing allowance per month. and it is important to put on paper what your child has to pay from this clothing allowance. For example, sportswear counts?

And swimwear?

And how do you give it

It is good to see how you give the clothing allowance. If you deposit it in the bank, a child immediately learns to save and make sure that you make arrangements when you give the money, this can be monthly or quarterly. Also help your child that he will have to learn to save for more expensive purchases such as a winter coat, but also if he wants to buy designer clothes.

Talk about it

I think it is very important to keep talking to your teenager. Because if he or she is crazy about designer clothes, let them realize that when the money runs out, nothing will come this month either. Show your child how he or she can keep track of everything so that it is never faced with surprises and also make agreements when evaluation takes place.

Do they have money left over at the end of the period or do they fall short every time and why is this due. Children will learn how to handle money, but you can help with that.

Coming back to branded clothing for a moment

How did I come across this article about clothing allowance? That was actually because our eldest son Calvin Klein picked out underwear at Hemd voor Hem. He doesn’t have much awareness of designer clothes yet, but I did think that this could be the future of course. Our sons are enthusiastic about these boxer shorts.

He indicates that they are very comfortable to wear, due to the wide band at the waist. He specially selected these boxer shorts with short legs, so that the dust does not curl up under his jeans.

Take a good look at your child’s needs

If you want to give your children a clothing allowance, check whether your child is ready for it? Personally, I will start later than the start of secondary school, but of course that also depends very much on the child. They are not interested in this yet, but that could be different tomorrow. Just think of the influence of boyfriends and girlfriends.

How much sense of responsibility does it already have and how important are designer clothes, for example? Discuss this topic!