Giving clothes and shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas

Giving clothes and shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas

Another week and a few days and then Saint Nicholas will arrive in Zaandijk. A wonderful time if I do say so myself. Saint Nicholas!

Pakjes evening, ginger nuts and lots of fun. That’s why the best Sinterklaas presents, outfits and shoes to put your shoe

Saint Nicholas

Since last year, both men know here in the house the story of Sinterklaas. That doesn’t make it any less pleasant. Saturday when he arrives, we’re in front of the television.

Gingerbread. Moets and hot chocolate. Normally we also go here in the village in the evening, but the youngest has a birthday party so we will skip it this year.


With the truth I also thought I could stop the Sinterklaas shoe presents, but nothing could be further from the truth. They still really want to put this and are also just nervous on Sunday morning. Every Saturday to the 5th they can put their shoes here at home and put this Sint a little something and/or something nice in it.

No matter how big they are, they just sing out of full chest with shoe and fireplace.

The nicest Sinterklaas Gifts

It is of course debatable what the best Sinterklaas gifts are and I will leave that to you. I received this nice list and I wanted to share it with you: