Toddler talk Mom what are you doing

Toddler talk Mom what are you doing here?

It is Tuesday morning. My little man is looking forward to it. He gets to go play at a friend of mine today.

Big deal, you think. Well, in this case I thought it was a big deal because I never expected him to end up asking what on earth I came to do. Toddler talk, I love it.

Toddler talk; Mom, what are you coming to do?

Whether I want to continue drinking now because mister is about to start playing. I am cold three seconds on the couch with a friend. Little man took off his shoes, finished his drink and sat on the floor with the Lego. He looks at me furiously a few times and announces that he is going to start NOW.

In other words; ‘Mom, I'm going to N. play. You have to go home.’

No sooner said than done. I tapped my tea back. Take the little girl and go home.

There was just a skinny ‘day’ off but actually he was already too busy playing with his big friend.

Big deal

You are of course now thinking, ‘what a world news, your little son is a day at play’. Well, honestly I am an apethetic mom now. After all, my little son is secretly quite shy and of course a bit spoiled. With a stay-at-home mom he never has to go to daycare or babysitting.

He does go to playgroup twice a week and often plays with grandma, but that's about it. He is totally not used to playing somewhere else for a day without me. So yes, a day of playing at a friend of mine was quite a big deal.

Where are my sleeping things??

A few weeks ago I took the kids to tea at N's house. My little man actually always has a good time there and since he was born he has felt incredibly comfortable with her. N. has something magical that makes children trust her completely and become super happy with her. So does my little man. He then remembered that he did want to stay with her one day. Since we thought he was very chatty we held this off a little longer.

Until during our trip to Costa Rica he regularly started talking about his plans to stay with N. Once back in the Netherlands we quickly arranged a play date. First let's see how a day at play would go. I seriously doubted whether he would be able to keep it up.

You understand, when I took him away he already asked: “Where are my sleeping things??”. Uh.. Mom was at a loss for words.

We chatted our way out of this and sir enjoyed a wonderful day playing. So when I showed up at the door at five o'clock he was particularly indignant. “Mom, what are you doing here?”


Yes, and then again you are so proud of your toddler. This little guy is already a lot bigger and wiser than mom thought. Wonderful anyway?

Do you sometimes wonder what your child(ren) can do??

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