Colorful handmade clothes from Tantilly- be unique

Colorful handmade clothing from Tantilly – be unique

Be unique, show yourself and wear clothes that make you happy. Clothes that make you shine. At Tantilly you will find colorful handmade clothing.

Cheerful clothes and the cutest accessories. Are you going for retro, a floral dress and color?

Life is too short to wear boring clothes

Life is too short to wear boring clothes! The bohemian style that I love so much is an example of this and at Tantilly you can also see lots of cheerful garments. Tantilly is a (web)shop where you can buy colorful handmade clothes, clothes in which you shine!

My personal journey to a colorful clothing style

If I look at my own style of clothing, there are two trends here. I've worn dark colors for a long time, but once I had a burst into floral dresses. These clothes made me very happy, but after I passed 40 I did not feel comfortable in these clothes, despite my height and figure. I started my search for a new colorful clothing style, because I didn't want to go back to the gloomy black. I found my style two years ago in the Bohemian style.

The free, the artistic, the cheerful and dashing let me be the woman I want to be. With this lifestyle I feel connected and the clothes make me feel free.

Colorful handmade clothes from Tantilly

In my search for color, I came across Tantilly. These colorful handmade clothes are so beautiful because of the pleasant fabrics they are made with, the colors and the models. The advantage of these clothes is also fat they can be worn all year round , because cheerful floral dresses are really not just for summer.

With a nice legging underneath and a warm cardigan, you can wear these clothes all year round.

A unique skirt

I picked out a beautiful Viva boho patchwork design skirt at Tantilly. This skirt is handmade and although all Viva boho patchwork skirts have the same colors, at only is the fabric sewn in a different order, making this skirt unique. Because of the fabric (100% cotton) and the elastic at the back of the top edge of the skirt, the skirt wears very nicely.

From the rest pieces of this cotton from the skirt, they make beautiful matching mouth caps, and unique recycled booklets, which they give away with your order as a nice gift.

From size S to 4XL

This skirt is suitable for ladies with size S to 4XL and that is also Tantilly, the sizes here do not stop at size L. Many of these cheerful clothes are also available in the larger sizes and because of the models and fit they will suit any woman with any beautiful curves and body shape she has.

Colorful accessories and cheerful prints

The collection of Tantilly is large. For everyone there is plenty of choice from retro, a floral dress, double-sided dresses (i.e. those you can wear on two sides), dresses you can wear as a dress, tunic or vest, skirts, pants, shirts and accessories like belts and jewelry. The garments come with tips on how to combine or wear them in a fun

Cheerful belt and hairband from Tantilly, great to combine with jeans

Who is Tantilly

Tantilly is made especially for women who want to express their femininity by wearing unique and colorful clothes. Tantilly's philosophy is ‘Making the world a better and more colorful place for everyone!’ Important for them is that the products are made by small (family) businesses where the craftsmen receive a good and fair wage for their work.
Because they work with local artisans, they help them generate a sustainable income each year, which then helps to have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

You can find Tantilly at Kleine Overstraat 45 in Deventer, besides the website they are also active on Social Media like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

Wondering how I combine cheerful skirts like this one from Tantilly, you can see it here: