Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is expanding with a new roller coaster

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is expanding with a new roller coaster

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is going to expand. There will be one new roller coaster. How cool is this? This children’s amusement park is a super fun park for children up to ten years old. It is well -arranged, with nice attractions and shows. And from April 24 a new roller coaster: the Texas Twister.

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A new roller coaster in children’s amusement park Julianatoren

I have always experienced Juilanators children’s amusement park as a very nice amusement park. Because of the small scale and the overview, I never had the idea that I had to be afraid of losing or getting lost. The roller coaster was already fun and now there is a new roller coaster from next Sunday. The Texas Twister.

On Sunday, April 24 at 11:30 am, the new roller coaster ‘Texas Twister’ will be officially opened. And believe me, the opening will be a big party!

Texas Twister

In the Texas Twister you can make a crazy ride over the Prairie of Texas and enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Muismore. The Texas Twister a spinning coaster in which the upper part of the trolley rotates relative to the chassis.

An attraction full of experience

“We did not sit still last winter and we were busy to have the Texas Twister ready on time. The Texas Twister is fully tested and together with the attractions De Paardenbaan, the Tollende Hats and De Wild West Express forms the Wild West theme area. The Texas Twister is really a very nice addition to the park ”.

New TV series Jul & Julia

Behind every attraction in the park is an adventurous story that Mr. Kaasgaaf has experienced himself. This summer there will of course also be a new series of Jul & Julia called ‘noise on the prairie’. So keep an eye on the TV series.

YouTube Series “Towards the Texas Twister”

And are you now curious how the rollercoaster ‘Texas Twister’ came about?? Children’s amusement park Julianatoren has made a 3-part YouTube series. In this series you get a look behind the scenes about the design, construction, finishing and see unique images. The third episode will appear on the Julianatoren YouTube channel and the Julianatoren website on Friday, April 22.NL

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is an amusement park for children up to about 10 years old. The park is very clear. In addition to the many attractions, including a new roller coaster, there are also many shows, such as Jul & Juliet, Dino & Dina but you can also go to the Cas de Texas Ranger show.