Is it almost Christmas

Christmas is almost here?

Euh, whut. Christmas? St. Nicholas isn't even on the way yet.

I know, but this one Is it almost Christmas tag is so much fun that I had to fill it in. Don't we all secretly look forward to Christmas?? Read along if I am looking forward to it.

Is it almost Christmas?

A few weeks ago I received a tag from Cassandra. She answered the tag Tamara came up with last year. The Is It Almost Christmas Tag!

I thought this was a great list to fill in in advance. As a blogger you are, just like shopkeepers, busy with the holiday season.

The answers

It is almost Christmas? How many days left until Christmas?
I feel like it's still a long time away, mainly because we still have St. Nicholas first. However, we are already in November and it's just 53 days until Christmas!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you looking forward to Christmas?
Especially the days around Christmas, when the Christmas tree is there, everything is nicely decorated and you are bombarded with Christmas songs on the radio I find very cozy. I give it a 7 because I am secretly looking forward to St. Nicholas first.

When will you put up the Christmas tree?
I always pretend not to put it up until mid-December but in practice it always comes in as soon as St. Nicholas is out. I love to have all those lights in the house again.

What does your ideal tree look like?
My ideal tree is real, smells like pine, doesn't drop needles, is packed with tiny lights and is toddler and cat repellent. Dream on, Bianca. In real life though, our tree is a good fake one that I have to constantly pull the toddler and cats away from. Sigh…

What is your favorite Christmas song?

I always play Glee's Christmas albums 180 times in a row. With all the sing-alongs you can't listen to after Christmas.

What do you find impossible at Christmas??

Anything goes at Christmas, right? Glitter, bling, over the top, it's all possible. As long as it stays cosy.

Which Christmas dish are you most looking forward to??

I secretly feel like making pear stew and then simmering in a pan of red wine all day again. Yummie!

What kind of outfit do you usually wear at Christmas?

I actually always wore a dress at Christmas. That always looks neat and Christmas is pretty much the only time you can unpack. In practice I'm constantly picking and grabbing at my dress and it's not really comfortable.

So last year we all chose the wrong Christmas sweater. Hilarious.

What will Christmas look like for you in 25 years time?
I hope with our whole family together and maybe even grandchildren. Good food, fun and presents under the tree.

And finally, what really gives you THE Christmas feeling? Do you have a tradition?

THE Christmas feeling for me is snuggling under the tree with the kids and Christmas music playing in the background. Opening presents, good food and especially being together.

If you want to share this tag, make sure you include a link to The Mommy Diaries? That's where the tag came in. I hereby tag Marjo, Cassandra, Linda, Astrid, Mary-Lou and Judith.

I look forward to your answers.

Are you looking forward to Christmas?

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