Spend the night railroad museum room at StayOkay Utrecht

Stay overnight: railroad museum room at StayOkay Utrecht

Did you know that at StayOkay Utrecht they have the first permanent railroad museum room? A room in the railroad museum theme. Every child wants to spend a night in that room!

And of course combine this with a visit to the museum!

Hotel rooms in style

A hotel room in style is something. During the May vacation we were in Disneyland Paris and stayed at the Santa Fe Hotel. A hotel completely in Disney’s Cars style.

For me this was the first time I slept in a room that was all theme and how much we liked it.

If you are a fan of trains

When I say the word train, three pairs of eyes light up in this house. We can’t just visit a city abroad, we always have to pass by the station. I’m fine with this, I always just make sure I have a book with me and as long as they spot trains, I read my book.

The first permanent railroad museum room

And now we were invited to attend the opening of the first permanent railroad museum room at StayOkay in Utrecht. They also have a Miffy room here and with the Railway Museum nearby, this is of course a logical continuation of a themed room. You can spend the night before you go to the museum in the room decorated in the railroad museum style.

Let dreams come true!

StayOkay in Utrecht.

We arrived at the Neude at the StayOkay location and the red carpet was already out there. Inside we were welcomed and on the second floor, the room was already fully decorated for the arrival of the guests. Pillows on the floor where the kids could sit down and get some good food and drinks.

Bart Meijer, ZAPP presenter and known from the Best Friends Quiz and Klokhuis, among others, opened the afternoon. Next came Storyteller Bastiaan, who surprised the children and adults with some exciting train stories. After the official opening during which the key to the hotel room was given to StayOkay’s general manager Marijke Schreiner and the Director of the Railway Museum Nicole Kuppens, we were allowed to check out the room.

The first permanent railroad museum room

The room is a real adventure. The quadruple room is the perfect place for the kids as well as the parents. We immersed ourselves in the old (train) times.

The hostel room is completely decorated in the (retro) style of the Railway Museum. The decoration on the walls was beautiful, the bunk bed (a first and second class) super cool to sleep in. The doors of the bathroom and toilet, are in retro style.

There’s a big suitcase full of stories, a wooden train track and of course the kids sleep under a train comforter.

railroad museum room stayokay utrecht trains

railroad museum room stayokay utrecht trains


The afternoon ended with drinks for us and sodas for the children. It was a real celebration to be at this opening and excited about the room, the boys would really like to sleep here now. If you want to visit the railroad museum and have a nice weekend in Utrecht, this room is highly recommended.

You get in the mood for the railroad museum. The room is already a big adventure.