Toddler talk Sinterklaas raises questions

Toddler talk Sinterklaas raises questions

This year for the first time I really notice how Sinterklaas lives among preschoolers. Sinterklaas and his well-known helpers are all over the political agenda. He is also on my toddler's daily agenda.

Sinterklaas raises questions too and not even the obvious ones.

Sinterklaas on the agenda

Since the best man with his entourage arrived in the harbor Sinterklaas is on the agenda. All year round, unfortunately, he has been on the political agenda and on that of many a screaming public figure. But I will not tire you with that discussion. Our favorite old man with beard is in fact also on my four-year-old's calendar. The toddler is busy but.

Gee, what a lot of questions such’s man raises.

Putting his shoe

The shoe putting is one of those’s a time when I get to solve various brainteasers. He asked where he could bring his wish list(s). I told him to put these in his shoe. So St. Nicholas could take him home and read it at his leisure. Those who follow me on Instagram may have already seen that the size of this wish list was not ordinary.

So that gave my oldest quite a few doubts, because will that list fit on the desk of Sinterklaas?


Another issue that keeps him busy is the horse of St. Nicholas. During the Zapp Sinterklaas party, where we were last Sunday, Sinterklaas rode a race with his horse against a jumping rider. A tremendously exciting game in which all the children in the hall were completely absorbed. After Sinterklaas, of course, won I saw the little man thinking. “Mama, where does Sinterklaas leave his stick (read; staff) when he sits on his’n horse?” Good question though, I can imagine that stick getting pretty blue when you ride all night, on your horse, across rooftops.

But of course I just gave a pedagogically responsible answer and said that Stafpiet takes care of it when Sinterklaas doesn't need him.

Toddler talk; Sinterklaas raises questions

Sinterklaas raises questions

Well, and so it actually goes on a regular basis. Sir hears or sees Saint Nicholas and his entourage and the questions bubble up. Not even the questions I expected; “mom, why aren't the puppets black?” No, this children's party is really experienced as the wonderful children's party that it is.

The political agenda thankfully passes my kids by entirely. They are absorbed in this magical celebration of childhood and enjoy everything that comes with it. And I enjoy it with them.

How I love Sinterklaas time and all the questions it raises with my toddler.

Do Sint and Pieten raise so many questions for your kids? I am super curious!

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