What made me happy 48 Monster Jam and the outdoors

What made me happy 48 Monster Jam and the outdoors

Another week is about to begin. The days slip through my fingers and I get almost nowhere. Where I used to finish this article every Sunday I can't find the time the last few weeks.

So here we are on Monday because we have another had a packed week with great outdoors and a cool afternoon Monster Jam.

What made me happy 48 Monster Jam and the outdoors

Last week I enjoyed the weather while I could. In between showers we went outside. Sunday we biked to my horse with the whole family.

The lady there found it necessary to sweep the stables with a broom that was way too big. She picked all the mess out of the broom and came home with dirty pants and shoes.

Together with the kids we spent a few afternoons at the playground again. Digging holes, making ditches and messing around.

What made me happy #48; Monster Jam and the outdoors

I didn't come to when I saw a pack of plasters from Freek Vonk at Etos. I just had to have it. I can't wait until I have a wound and can put Freek on it.

Our vegetable garden is going fast and so we picked our first snack cucumbers. They are very sweet and super tasty. The tomatoes are going fast too, they just need a little coloring.

The cats had some romantic moments this week and I can always watch them for a long time.

What made me happy #48; Monster Jam and the outdoors

One of my dogs now sleeps with his tongue out of his mouth. No idea why but apparently he really likes it. And secretly it is a cute sight too.

Every now and then we have nice weather but I still don't think it's summer yet. I changed my lightbox again. With results because since Saturday the sun is shining here!

My little man finally got to go to Monster Jam on Saturday. He had been talking about it for weeks. He was bouncing like crazy when he finally got to go on Saturday. To his great joy, Lightning McQueen also showed up at Monster Jam so his day couldn't get any better.

He enjoyed himself very much and that made me happy again.

What were your best moments this week? Have you also been to Monster Jam?

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