Children’s films with Peru in the lead role

Children’s films with Peru in the lead role

These weeks the children do not have an online school because of the May holiday, so time for something else: take the time to learn more about the Peru, the land of the Incas, Machu Picchu and Lamas together with the children thanks to a few nice children’s films.

Watch television during the holidays

Here the children watch more series and children’s films these weeks than they have done recently. Then we kept home education well, but we let this holiday celebrate the reins a bit. Now my children have had bad luck with the following films, since they can be seen on Netflix and Pathé at home and we do not have these channels.

Children’s films about Peru

Yet I know that many who read my blog do have these channels and also have children! Learning during the holidays is of course always possible and if this goes through television in the form of children’s films it is fun too; Peru is one of the most varied countries in the world with beautiful landscapes, a rich history and a hugely interesting culture. Not surprising that there are so many documentaries about this South American country.

Also for children there are a number of fun (drawing) films available on Netflix or Pathé at home that are all about the Inca country completely, or partially,.

Pachamama (Netflix – Dutch spoken)

In Quechua, the age -old language that is still being spoken in Peru, Pachamama is the word for Mother Earth. This beautiful cartoon is full of references to the beliefs and lessons of the Inca people, such as the worship of their ancestors, living in harmony with nature and making sacrifices to Pachamama and the sun god Inti.

This children’s film is about the 10-year-old boy Tepulpaï who lives in the heart of the Andes Mountains. He already has big dreams for such a ’ n little boy, he wants to be shaman. When the Golden Pachamama statue is stolen by the Inca ’ s, Tepulpaï is determined to reduce the Holy Treasure. With that he gets the anger of the large Inca neck.

Together with his girlfriend Naïra and her lama he sets off.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Pathé Thuis – Dutch Subtitled)

Dora spent a large part of her childhood in the jungle of Peru, but nothing could prepare her for the biggest challenge ever: high school. If her parents are missing during their search for the legendary Golden Inca city, the adventurous Dora must find them. The film follows Dora, her cousin Diego and their classmates on an adventure through the Peruvian Amazon as they search for her parents and a lost Inca civilization.

Together they try to save Dora’s parents and resolve the mystery of the lost golden city.

In the film, Dora Quechua speaks, the indigenous language spoken by people in the Peruvian Andes and other parts of South America. In the film Dora and the Lost City of Gold there is plenty to learn from the age-old Inca people, but at the same time it is a very entertaining film with an exciting story.

Ted & Mummie’s treasure (Pathe Thuis – Dutch spoken)

Due to a misunderstanding, TED, a dreamy construction worker with a lively fantasy, is sent to Peru for a famous archaeologist and on an expedition. With the help of his faithful dog Jeff, a brave professor and a moody parrot, Ted tries to save the mythical, lost city of the Inca ’ s from a group of mean treasure seekers. The city of Cuszo and the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu are beautifully portrayed in this cartoon.

For children - Children's films with Peru in the lead role

Paddington (Netflix – Dutch spoken)

This film is perhaps a bit of a stranger in this list, but did you know that Beertje Paddington originally came from the jungle of Peru? Peru is one of the most versatile countries in the world in the field of flora and fauna, with hundreds of animal and plant species that do not occur in any other place in the world, including talking bears. In the beginning of the film you can imagine yourself in the Amazon Forest, the largest rainforest in the world, which peru covers more than 60%.

For children - Children's films with Peru in the lead role

Paddington grew up in Peru with his aunt Lucy, who also taught him English, because she was sure that he would ever go to England. His uncle Pastuzo, who owned a café high in the mountains of Peru, died in an earthquake and all he left behind was his favorite red hat and his briefcase with a secret compartment. Beertje Paddington leaves for London with these things.

First dream then travel campaign

Promperú has the digital campaign “ first dreams then travel ” launched so that fans of Peru who are hungry can dream of their favorite country and can prepare for their next trip. Central to the campaign is an emotional video that reminds us that life troubles is the greatest wealth. Watch the video here: