In search of the ideal cane

In search of the ideal cane!

By Joyce – In my cupboard is a whole pack of plastic straws, but very good for the environment it is not. I have tried those paper straws, but they are completely broken at the top after one drink. So I went in search of the ideal straw.

Plastic straws

You used to always get plastic straws at the restaurant, but more and more we are hearing that this is bad for the environment. I’ve read that it takes up to 200 years for it to be in tiny pieces and for some special reasons those pieces never disappear. Just think about the plastic soup in the sea. There is more and more plastic.

And that should be different! In restaurants you now get a paper straw, so I wanted to get rid of those plastic straws at home too! Looking for those sustainable straws.

Different kinds of straws

If you go Googling you come across many different sustainable straws. Straws made of cardboard, plastic, silicone straws, cane straws, bamboo straws, glass straws, steel straws. And I could go on and on.

All with their own price. The cardboard straws are for single use only, while you can clean the other straws. But what is convenient and especially nice for the children?

I went to investigate.

Keeping the straws clean

The only downside to all those straws you can reuse is the cleaning. Often those dirty black things are left in between. Now there are these raggers that you can put through, but I forget to do that too often. Well, I know. And then a straw is dirty again and I have to look for the ragger, because of course I have hidden it in a place where I can’t find it right away.

My kids also bite on their straws and they always manage to break the hard plastic straws. Especially those straws that come standard with such’n cup. At the top my kids always manage to break them.

Straws made of silicone

Now I saw silicone straws passing by. Nice and pliable and difficult for my children to break. But most straws you also have to clean with such’a ragger.

Not very convenient for me. But then I saw that the so-called silicone Slurpy straws (check out silicone have an opening! Those straws are designed so that you can pull them open and thus easily clean the inside.

Ideal…for me! And the good thing is, they are dishwasher safe! Besides, they are nice and pliable, so easy to put in and put away anywhere.

My ideal straw

I think everyone has an ideal straw for themselves and you have to discover it for yourself. Me and my kids are very happy with the Slurpy straws. The reasons? They are reusable, dishwasher safe, easy to clean because of the “zipper”, free of harmful substances, easy to store because the straws are pliable and my kids don’t bite them to pieces! Do you also have straws that make you happy?

Please let me know!

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